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Providing Our Customers, Employees, Owners, Partners and Investors Value Added  Success Since 1997

It’s all about the team. We’re a group of professionals with more than 70 years of management, marketing, development, and construction experience, dedicated to serving our customers and clients at all levels of the industry.

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We’ll take care of your store, just like ours

1986 - Beginnings At National Self Storage

Hired as an Area Manager, Jeff started renting spaces and putting money in the bank at a National Self Storage location in Tucson, AZ. A month later the industry announced, “It’s all about management from here on out. The growth is done. There is now ONE SQUARE FOOT OF STORAGE FOR EVERY MAN,WOMAN AND CHILD IN AMERICA."

It’s not just build it and they will come?

Development, Financing and Deal Flow became front and center as the Savings & Loans that financed much of the portfolio began failing in the S&L Crisis

Regional Manager At Public Storage

Hard nosed policies, systems and procedures lock down the expenses and provide a framework for accountability and fiduciary integrity.

National Director of Marketing At Public Storage

Analyzing the data from different advertising and promotions in distinct but similar markets with a baseline of what happens if you don’t do anything creates the insight needed for the most cost effective pricing and promotions.

1997 - Put It All Together

Advantage Advisors and Advantage Self Storage were created to add expertise, safety and value to individual, family office, and institutional investors in self storage.

All Hands On Deck

We all have our expertise and primary responsibilities, but we’re also all experienced self storage professionals. Everybody in the Advantage Team is ready to assist at every turn.

Jeff Kinder

Founder & Ceo

James Wojcik

Development Partnerships Construction

Sammie Kinder


Angelia Fredricksen


Andrea Kinder

Vice President, Property Operations

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