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Helping Business Owners Manage and Grow their Business – it’s what we do.

Our reputation is built on handling self storage challenges head on. We’ll drive your top line with industry proven marketing and sales strategies, conversion tracking, move in velocity and rate maximization of all customers.

What We Offer

We’ll Take Care of Your Store, Just Like Ours

Two Great Options to Choose From:

Top-Line Option

It’s not what it costs, it’s what is added to your bottom line that counts. This option is for owners who already have the real estate maintenance and management infrastructure in place but need the self storage revenue growth expertise and experience that Advantage Self Storage offers.


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Cloud Based Property & Management Software

For our customers, the convenience of renting a space, paying a bill and checking their account 24/7. For you, 24/7 access to your store’s reports. For us, real time offsite backup, API connectivity to our proprietary move in and revenue management systems and Website and Internet Advertising and Promotion modules.

Customer Rate Management

A proprietary Revenue Management system that maximizes actual dollars per square foot as opposed to just occupancy.

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Website Hosting

Fast, secure, and scalable hosting infrastructure to support the digital backbone of your business.

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Internet Advertising

The latest solutions in inbound and outbound marketing to ensure maximum growth and brand visibility.

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Additional Revenue Streams

Tenant protection plan, merchandise, and truck rentals.

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Flat Fee

One Fee for features that will truly benefit your property.

Full Service Management

Gain the freedom to do what you do best. We’ll take care of your store just like ours. This option is for owners who have already made a great investment but need the direct oversight, maintenance, expertise, and experience that Advantage Self Storage offers.


Store Operations

  • Policies and Procedures Manual, Lease and Operations Forms
  • Employee Hiring, Training, Support and Oversight
  • Customer Service Standards and Sales Training
  • Delinquency and Receivables Management
  • Vendor and Utility oversight
  • Physical Plant Care and Maintenance
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Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • Operating, Major Maintenance and Capital Replacement Budgets
  • Financial Statements, A/P, Payroll, Tax, Insurance, Escrow Management, and Bank Reconciliation
  • 24/7 On-Line Banking Access
  • Optional Accounting (Balance Sheet, Depreciation, Amortization, Capital Replacement Escrows, and Entity Tax Return)



We have the systems in place to hold down expenses through hard nosed management practices and economies of scale. We’re not just managing your property, we’re managing your business.


There are dozens of pitfalls that await storage operators who just haven’t seen “it” before. Storage lien laws are very specific in the way collections are managed and customer goods are processed. Keeping those statutory protections requires a strict adherence to sophisticated operating guidelines.


The additional rentals we will generate per month more than pays for the cost of industry specific, professional management. A property that is priced right, customer friendly, and operationally safe is a cost effective way to maximize your profits and long term value. Protecting your asset and your your limits of liability…Priceless.

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