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Advantage Self Storage

For more than 20 years we’ve been delivering exceptional management strategies, premium self-storage solutions, and curated services to our satisfied clients

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The Large REIT Management companies manage markets, we manage your store.

3rd Party Management

Our reputation is built on being able to handle self storage challenges head on based on our unique view of the self storage market. We drive your top line with our advanced internet & local marketing, sales conversion tracking & techniques, and rate maximization of street, internet & existing customers.


We have the systems in place to hold down expenses through hard nosed management practices and economies of scale. We’re not just managing your property, we’re managing your business.


There are dozens of pitfalls that await storage operators who just haven’t seen “it” before. Storage lien laws are very specific in the way collections are managed and customer goods are processed. Keeping those statutory protections requires a strict adherence to sophisticated operating guidelines.


The additional rentals we will generate per month more than pays for the cost of industry specific, professional management. A property that is priced right, customer friendly, and operationally safe is a cost effective way to maximize your profits and long term value. Protecting your asset and your your limits of liability…Priceless.

Investor Opportunities

Development & Acquisition

For more than 20 years we have been helping investors acquire, develop, and operate self storage properties. We have the experience and perspective built into our due diligence process that will help you discover the pitfalls within your development or acquisition, and quantify the solutions.

Joint Venture Opportunities

We add value and minimize risk by providing market, feasibility, and development studies to the joint venture acting as a managing member. We work where the business structure is simple, everyone’s roles are clearly defined, the capital receives a preferred return and thereafter, everyone’s bottom line is pegged to the success of the project.

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About Us

The Advantage Self Storage team is composed of experienced, senior self storage and industrial professionals with more than 50 years of self storage acquisition, development, finance and management experience. Our dedicated team has experience operating across the U.S. (NY, MA, CO, CT, VA, MD, PA, WI and IL) and has seen “It” all over the years. Through this, we have a concrete understanding of the level of reporting and communication required to provide the basis for a reciprocal, value added relationship.

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